Sinach Songs: Glory to Glory, Way Maker, You are The Same and More

November 18, 2019 Entertainments,Gospel Songs,Sinach

There are great gospel songs out there. Yes, the in no exception to Sinach songs.

Osinachi Kalu popularly know has Sinach has some of the best ever soul lifting songs of all time.

When I listen to gospel songs, I feel this excitement within me.

Similarly, the sensation I get reading the lyrics of those powerful gospel singer.

Comparatively, I have to come up with a list of Sinach top 50 best Songs of all time.

Sinach Songs: Top 50+ including Way Maker & More

4. From Glory To Glory

7. Great Are You Lord

10. Jesus Is Alive

13. You Do Mighty Things

16. Born to Win

19. The Presence of the Lord

22. I Humbly Bow

25. The Battle Is Already Won

28. No Failure With God

31. Precious Jesus

34. Fire in Me

37. Shout It Loud

40. You Are The Same

43. Praising in Victory

46. You Are A Wonder

49. Sing and Dance

2. He Did It Again

5. The Name Of Jesus

8. Rejoice

11. Nothing Is Impossible

14. All I See Is You

17. More Of You

20. I Stand Amazed

23. You Are Awesome

26. You Deserve

29. More Than Enough

32. Lord Your Ability

35. Who Is Like Thee

38. With All My Heart

41. There Is a Miracle

44. You Are the One

47. This Is Your Season

50. Great God

3. Awesome God

6. Give Thanks

9. No One Knows

12. I Know Who I Am

15. Next in Line

18. All Things Are Possible

21. I Glorify Your Name

24. My Faith

27. God Is Our Rock

30. Never Late

33. Glory to God

36. I'm Blessed

39. Victory In His Name

42. Because You Live

45. Mighty Is Our God

48. I Worship You Great I Am

51. I Express My Love

As can be seen, all her songs are great. Sinach is a gifted singer in all ways.

In spite of the fact that theses songs are soul lifting, nevertheless, I still have my choice.

Here are my best three songs from Sinach.

1. Way Maker by Sinach

The beginning of way maker song shows serenity. That is to say, God is peaceful.

After, you could hear soothing piano with violins and cymbals that blend well with the music video.

In addition, watching the video shows the calm environment that the music was shot. An environment good to worship God.

It blend so well with the lyrics. When you listen to Way Maker lyrics, in fact, it’s a perfect love letter to God.

I live to appreciate the goodness of God in all songs of Sinach.

All in all, this is my best songs of Sinach.

Watch Way Maker Video

2. From Glory To Glory

From Glory to Glory is a song that I will always love to listen to. In fact, it is a perfect song to praise the name of God.

How should someone worship the Lord?

As a matter of fact, Sinach’s “from glory to glory” says it all.

It is a song that say “we are perfect in him”. It is only God that can make us complete in all way.

Ultimately, this praise and worship song summed it all up.

Take a look at the full From Glory To Glory Lyrics.

Listen To From Glory To Glory Video By Sinach